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We are convinced that in order to create peaceful and sustainable societies, the basic prerequisite is that people feel safe and can choose to live the life they want.

Security is created through stability and that people feel safe in their everyday lives. Our ambition is therefore to create a sustainable way of investing in security and we want to be an active player in increasing the dialogue on needs and conditions for increased global security!

We want to give our customers the opportunity to diversify their portfolios for long-term and sustainable returns while at the same time using our ownership to actively influence our holdings and the companies we invest in.

We want to create a sustainable way of investing in security for our customers and our society because we are convinced that it is needed.

The people behind the fund

The team consists of members with long experience from both the financial sector, the military intelligence service and from the defense industry. One of our strengths is the combination of skills and our methodology for collecting and analyzing information. A methodology we call Global intelligence.

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Andreas Wiman

Advisory Board

Andreas has more than 17 years of experience from various roles within the defense industry, the Swedish Armed Forces and the Swedish Intelligence Service.

He has served in intelligence units within the Armed Forces and at the Military Intelligence and Security Service (MUST).

Andreas has held positions as CEO of Swedish Security Training Center AB, business and line manager for the Defense business within the division Homeland Security & Defense at Eltel Networks Infranet AB, he is chairman of the board of Defcon Solutions AB and CEO and co-founder of Infra Group Nordic AB, a technology group in the defense and security industry.

Andreas is also a certified security manager (CPP) via the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS).

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Mathias Sigvardsson

Advisory Board

Mathias has a long and extensive background in the defense and civil aviation industry where he has served as a technician, system specialist, systems engineer, project manager and chief technichal officer. 

Mathias is one of the founders of Defcon Solutions AB, a Swedish company specialized in the development and integration of command and control systems, communication systems and various types of sensors for the Swedish Armed Forces.

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Rainer Korhonen

Advisory Board

Rainer has more than 25 years of experience in the defense and security industry. 

He has held senior positions and worked in both public organizations and private companies such as the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration and ÅF AB. In the latter in the role of business area manager for Communication and Defence. Over the years, he has gained experience from both private product companies and consulting and public organizations in both the defence and security industries. 

He has also been responsible for creating global agent and partner networks for various products and has extensive experience in international sales. 

Rainer was one of the founders of Defcon Solutions AB a Swedish company specializing in the development and integration of command and control systems, communication systems and various types of sensors for the Armed Forces.

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Michael Gunnarsson

Sales & Marketing

Michael has 20+ years of experience from the finance industry. 

Michael has held leading positions in Skandia in sales and marketing. He has been CEO of Movestic Liv and ODIN Fonder. 

Michael also started the fund company Movestic Asset Management and has successfully built up sales and marketing departments within Movestic and ODIN.

He is also chairman of the board and partner in the Scandinavian Credit Fund, as well as a board member and co-owner of Infra Group Nordic AB.

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Henrik Sundin

CEO of Finserve Nordic AB

Henrik has 20+ years of experience in the financial industry, his first years as a lawyer and the last 15 years as CEO of various securities and mutual fund companies.

Henrik has been responsible for fund management, fund selection, business development in asset management and fund operations in Sweden and Luxembourg. 

Henrik has and has held board assignments for securities companies, insurance companies and fund companies in Sweden and Luxembourg.

Henrik is currently CEO of Finserve Nordic AB, the company that manages the GDS fund. Henrik is also a partner and board member of Infra Group Nordic AB.

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Tor Sinclair

Responsible manager

Tor has more than twenty years of experience from the finance industry, most recently as co-founder and manager of the Swedish hedge fund Romanesco Capital Management, a quantitative and systematic hedge fund that won a mandate from IMQubator and the Dutch pension fund APG.

Tor has experience from some of the world's leading fund companies with a focus on Global Macro and Diversified Beta Investments.

Tor has worked with FinTech and IoT and has broad experience of technical trends and technologies. 

Tor has studied software development and economics and has a BoC with finance and banking as the main subjects as well as a master's in applied finance and investment from The Securites Institute in Australia.