Monthly commentary February 2022

Jonathan Furelid

Jonathan Furelid


Russia's invasion of Ukraine is a major tragedy with major humanitarian repercussions. One would never have thought that this could happen in Europe in 2022. The result of Putin's actions will, in addition to severe sanctions, be a greater focus on defense around Europe, where Sweden, for example, has increased defense funding by 40 percent for the coming 5-year period.

We have long emphasized the importance of the defense sector for the stability and security of our society, now it turns out, unfortunately, that we are right and there is even talk that defense companies can be classified as ESG investments. This is something we have also emphasized for a long time - that the defense is central to being able to ensure the stability of society in accordance with the UN's global goal number 16 on peaceful and inclusive societies.

The Global Security Fund rose by 11.2 % during the month of February and has thus risen by 9.43 % since the beginning of the year. Both traditional defense companies and cyber security companies are currently benefiting greatly from developments in Ukraine, and our view is that this development may continue if there is a protracted conflict. In the long run, increased defense appropriations will drive demand for defense companies and technology companies with a focus on global security.

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